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Wise Cat Lady says.........

with kittens in the house....

shoelaces are spaghetti and legs are trees.....

and Jimmy Buffet's lost shaker of salt turned up in the litter box...

Welcome to Desert Heat Radio

Streaming Radio so hot it makes the devil sigh......
We are seeking skilled and new DJ's!!!
Do you have a great personality? A witty sense of humor? Love music of all genre's? Want to be in charge of your own show?

We are currently seeking DJ's for live broadcasting..... no experience needed we will train you!!!!
All you need is a speaker and mic that works well, a headset is best....
We have a great team and the schedule is filling up fast..... get your spot before you miss out!!!

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To send an email to the DJ's or a request.... put the DJ name in the subject and email:

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